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RAW Shredder Card

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RAW Shredder Card

The RAW shredder card is the perfect accessory for anyone looking to enhance their smoking experience. This convenient shredding tool allows you to precisely and quickly break down your herbs finely, that is ready for rolling or packing into pipes - no more messing around with scissors or carrying a grinder!

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- Dimensions: 5cm x 8.5cm

- Business card size

- Authentic RAW product

- Made from stainless steel

Thanks to it's rust proof stainless steel design and discreet size, the RAW shredder card can be easily carried wherever you go without taking up valuable space - have your favourite rolling paper or a pipe packed and prepared in seconds! This ingenious device boasts an impressive array of benefits- its sleek design fits comfortably in your wallet or purse, it's durable stainless steel construction ensures long lasting use and it's razor sharp edges make light work of any herb you throw at it.

Not only is this ultra compact shredder easy to use simply swipe the card along the dried herbs. The RAW shredder card will be sure to provide even result every time!