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Skull Head Metal Grinder

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Skull Head Metal Grinder

Using a grinder is the best and most effective way to grind herbs. It is time-saving and retains the potency of the herb. Grinding the herb to a fine powder ensures that when smoked you will taste the richness and enjoy a smooth smoke. When smoking herb that has been ground the smoke is slower and tastes better.

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- Storage compartment at the bottom

This is an unusual design for a grinder the skull head is attractive to people who like grunge. This is a strong and durable grinder that demands attention and is easy to use and maintain. The most important way to look after the skull head metal grinder is to ensure that you clean it and thoroughly dry it after every use, this will make sure that the longevity of the grinder is maintained.

This is a grinder that the lid is a carved crown that gets twisted to grind the herb and the powder will fall into the compartment below through a mesh layer. The blades are strong and sharp and grind to a fine powder and pollen. The bottom compartment is able to hold the pollen and easily be transported in this way.