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Skull Medium Glass Bong (26cm)

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Skull Medium Glass Bong (26cm)

This 26cm tall medium glass bong that has a skull shape moulded into the glass. The Skull Medium Glass Bong is very comfortable to hold although it is not travel-friendly. This is a serious bong for home use with the stem and cone made of brass. The glass is made fomr heat-resistant Pyrex glass and can withstand extended use.

Metal Stem and Cone

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- Height: 260mm

- Made from tough pyrex glass

- Metal stem and cone piece

- Rubber base can be pulled off for easy cleaning

- Comfortable mouthpiece


The shape of this Skull Medium Glass Bong is very attractive with the choice of either a blue, green or yellow skull bowl. The smoke chamber is slightly angled back for easy smoking pleasure. This Skull Medium Glass Bong fits neatly into the rubber base and the brass stem fits snugly through the rubber grommet. It is a good size to use at home on a regular basis and is very impressive. 

The Skull Medium Glass Bong is an excellent choice for sharing with friends at home - the medium size of this bong makes it a good social bong. It has a large bowl that allows the smoke to be well filtered to give a long smooth toke. The benefit of choosing the medium size bong is that it gives both the punch of the small bong and the smoothness of the larger bongs.