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OCB Premium King Size Slim + Filters

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OCB Premium King Size Slim + Filters

OCB Premium King Sizer rolling papers with filters is the perfect accessory for anyone looking to enjoy a smooth and flavourful smoking experience. With their unique slow burning design, these papers are sure to give you a superior smoke without sacrificing on taste or quality.

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- 32 x Papers and filter tips per pack

- Classic King Size

- Premium papers

The king size dimensions provide ample room for sizeable amounts of herbs, allowing you to customise your rolling. The added filter tips make them even easier to use - simply insert the filter into the paper, fill it up and twist it shut for an airtight seal that keeps it secure and tightly wrapped.

But that's not all these papers have going for them - they're made from ethically sourced flax plants meaning they contain no artificial chemicals and offer a natural process which ensures maximum flavour retention as well as minimising waste. OCB takes things one step further by adding watermarking technology, this guarantees an even burn throughout each paper while helping prevent runs in your rollup which can be both time consuming and irritating to fix. Ultimately, these features make the OCB Premium King Size rolling papers with filters an absolute must have item when it comes to smoking!