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Metallic Laser Cut Grinder - 4 piece (63mm)

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Metallic Laser Cut Grinder - 4 piece (63mm)

This is a larger grinder that can grind more herb and store it in the bottom compartment. It is functional and attractive and transports well in a bag or pocket to be ready to be used at any time.

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- 4 piece grinder

- Diamond cut teeth

- Diameter: 63mm

- Magnetic lid

- Storage compartment at the bottom

Designed to capture your attention, this metallic heavy-duty grinder is shiny colourful and madef from aluminium which has a long life span and is easy to maintain and clean. The 4 compartments comprise a magnetic lid, a mesh section for the ground herb to fall through and sharp cutting blades. The finer the herb is ground the better for smoking as it is smoother, richer and longer burning.

The heavy-duty metallic laser cut grinder comprises 4 pieces and is large at 63mm but is still comfortable to hold and use. The CNC cut blades ensure a very fine powder is pushed through to the compartment, there is mesh on this level and the finest pollen falls through to gather in the base compartment.

This is a grinder that will stand the test of time - it is strong, attractive and durable. It will suit both newbies and veterans that have been using grinders for many years. It is a better alternative than grinding by hand which is very time-consuming.