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Jet Lighter and Cigar Cutter in Gift Box

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Jet Lighter and Cigar Cutter in Gift Box

The jet lighter and cigar cutter in the gift box is an absolute must have for any cigar aficionado. This combination of tools is perfect for both personal use as well as a special gift idea. The jet lighter which features a powerful flame that will quickly light up any type of cigar, has proven to be incredibly reliable while offering greater accuracy than flame lighters. The accompanying high quality stainless steel cigar cutter ensures each smoke will look professionally done by expertly cutting off cigars ends with precision.

Australia Post Standard $8.95

Australia Post Express $24.95


- Lighter and cigar cutter sold in a gift box

- High quality jet lighter

- No gas - lighter is empty

- Metal cigar cutter

The convenience and practicality of this set that comes in this attractive gift box makes it even more desirable to anyone looking for the best way to enjoy their favourite smoke. Not only does it take away from having to buy each piece individually but will also ensure that you have everything you need right at your fingertips!

Besides just being practical, there are several other benefits you get when using this jet lighter & cigar cutter combination. Both pieces are made from durable metal guaranteeing they wont break easily so you can get years worth out them with little maintenance required.