Bong Etiquette: How to Enjoy Your Bong  in Social Settings

Smoking from a large bong is always fun, especially when you're with friends. But group smoking is different from lighting up solo in your room, and that's where bong etiquette comes in.

Following some basic rules can make or break the experience for everyone. So, when savouring a hit with a group, here's how you can make sure everyone has a fantastic time:


Let People Know What They're Smoking

If you're providing, it's a good idea to inform your friends about what they will experience. Is it more relaxing or energising? How potent is it? Sharing this information can make the smoking experience smoother, especially for those less familiar with it.

Offer the First Share

Starting a smoking session positively sets the tone for everyone. It's common for the host to get the first hit, but offering it to a guest is a generous gesture. It shows that you value the shared experience.

Corner the Bowl

When you light the bowl, aim to just touch the flame to a small corner rather than torching the whole thing. This practice, known as "cornering," allows the next person to get a fresh, flavourful hit. So be mindful, especially with complex bongs like an ash catcher or an ice catcher that might burn differently.

Be Time-Sensitive

Sometimes, it's easy to get lost in conversation or just zone out, but try to stay aware so you're not slowing things down. Make sure to pass the bong along quickly after taking one or two hits. Holding onto it while you chat or tell stories can hold up the fun for everyone else. This is often called "bogarting," and it's a big no-no in group smoking settings.

Clear the Chamber

When using a bong, it's important to clear the chamber before passing it along. Inhale all the remaining smoke so the next person gets a fresh hit.

Nobody likes getting a hit of stale smoke—it's just not pleasant. If the rip turns out too big for you, blow out the excess from the other end. This way, you keep the experience enjoyable for everyone.

Respect the Rotation Order

Stick to the unwritten rule of passing the bong to the left. Take your hit quickly and move it along so everyone gets their turn without awkward delays or interruptions. This ensures a consistent rotation and gives each person an equal chance to enjoy the bong.

Keep the Bong Clean

Keep both the bong and the way you use it clean for a better smoking experience. If you're hosting, go the extra mile and clean the entire piece, not just the mouthpiece. Trust us; everyone appreciates a clean bong and fresh water, even if they say they don't mind.

And when it comes to taking a hit, make sure your lips are dry to avoid leaving a wet mouthpiece. If you do slip up, wipe it down before passing it on.


Share Your Supplies

Being in a smoking session is all about community and sharing, so you shouldn't come empty-handed. As a host, it's your job to make sure there are enough supplies for everyone, even if guests commonly chip in. If you're attending as a guest, dropping some cash into the joint jar is a nice way to show gratitude for the invite.

There are various supplies you can bring to enhance the experience for everyone. Here are some factors to consider when selecting what to bring:

Type of Material

If you're bringing a bong, consider the material it's made from. Acrylic bongs are durable and less expensive, while silicone bongs are flexible and won't break easily, making them ideal for outdoor use. On the other hand, glass bongs usually offer a cleaner, purer smoking experience, but they can be more fragile and pricey. Choose what best suits your needs and the setting.

Type of Bong

The type of bong you bring matters in a group smoking session. If you're shopping at a headshop, consider options like a beaker bong for stability or a straight tube bong for simplicity. You can also opt for the gripper bong if you want something that's easy to hold or a perc bong for better filtration.


Pick a bong size that suits the group. If they're newbies, a mini bong might be the best fit. For a group of experienced smokers, a tall bong or even a huge bong can offer a more intense and satisfying experience.

Filtration System

Consider the percolator and the downstem in the bong if you're going for a smoother hit. Options like tree perc, honeycomb perc or showerhead perc offer different levels of filtration. Make sure to choose one for your group's needs and preferences for an enjoyable session.


Make a big impression by bringing along a premium bong. If you're on a budget, buy cheap bongs that still offer a solid experience without spending too much. Don't forget to check out your local smoke shop for bestselling items and compare sale prices to regular prices before heading to checkout.

Other Supplies and Smoking Accessories

When getting ready for a group smoke, remember that it's not just about the main gear. A herb grinder can be a game-changer, ensuring everything is evenly broken down for a better experience.

Having extra smoking accessories can also make the session go more smoothly. And let's not forget snacks—they're always a good idea to keep the vibe relaxed and everyone happy.


Don't Share When You're Sick

It's best to skip the smoke session if you're feeling under the weather. No one wants to catch what you have. If you still want to be part of it, you could offer to grab some snacks or control the playlist.


What is the best bong size?

The best bong size depends on your needs and preferences. Small bongs are easy to carry and are great for discreet sessions, medium bongs are both functional and convenient and big bongs suit experienced smokers looking for smoother hits and customisation.

What is the biggest bong size?

The biggest bong size can differ from shop to shop, but here at My Bong Shop in Australia, we offer high-quality large bongs that go up to 46cm. These are among the larger sizes, designed to provide a more customisable experience and smoother rips.