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Large Rolling Tray

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Large Rolling Tray

If youre a smoking enthusiast who enjoys rolling joints, then you absolutely need a large metal rolling tray! This handy accessory can make your jointrolling experience go from messy and difficult to swift and effortless.

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- Length: 27cm

- Height: 17.5cm

- Made from metal

- Awesome designs available!

The advantage of using a quality metal rolling tray is that it's easy to clean up afterwards, all the little bits left behind are neatly contained in one spot. Rolling on a table or on your lap means having to constantly pick up these bits - with this tray, you avoid this hassle altogether.

As this tray is made out of durable metal, it will last much longer than other trays which are made from plastic. Also, this rolling tray provides plenty of room for laying out multiple pieces at once - including papers, grinders and filters so everything is within easy reach when needed. The raised sides keep any loose leaves from falling off - again keeping things neat and tidy with minimal fuss or mess.

Finally if appearance matters then be sure to check the some stylish designs available - theres definitely a design for everyone!