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Colourful Beaker Glass Bong with Percolator (20cm)

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This 20cm colourful all glass beaker bong with percolator is the perfect way to enjoy your smoking experience. It features a thick, durable glass design and colourful accents that make it eye catching. The beaker base provides increased stability for a smooth hit while the percolator filters smoke for less irritation on each hit!

Glass Stem and Cone

Australia Post Standard $8.95

Australia Post Express $24.95


- Height: 200mm

- Made from tough pyrex glass

- Combined glass stem and cone piece

- Random colour sent

- Comfortable mouthpiece

This bong includes a removable bowl which is easy to use, clean and fill up so you can start enjoying your session in no time at all! This bong will take your smoking experience to the next level with its superior design and durability, giving you purer and better tasting hits than ever before.