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Metal Cone Piece (19mm)

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Metal Cone Piece (19mm)

This 19mm brass cone piece is the must have accessory for anyone who enjoys smoking weed. Whether youre an experienced smoker or just smoke occasionally, this cone will give you the best smoking experience imaginable.

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- Price for 1 cone piece

- Width: 19mm (One size larger than the standard bucket size cone piece)

The design of this cone piece ensures a smooth flow of smoke and even burn, giving you a more authentic smoking experience compared to other methods. The brass metal provides better heat distribution than many other materials which helps evenly distribute flavour and aroma from your flower!

At 19mm in diameter, this cone piece fits perfectly into most water pipes allowing for maximum convenience and enjoyment. This makes the whole process much simpler as theres no need to switch between different sized stems. What's more, its extremely easy to clean after each session! So if you want both style and practicality without sacrificing any performance then look no further grab one of these amazing cones today!