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RAW Organic King Size with tips

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RAW Organic King Size with tips

This is a product for connoisseurs; it does not compromise on quality. The KS Slim and tips are available for those who are looking for a natural product. Raw Organic is a vegan product made entirely from plants with no added additives.

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- 32 x Papers and filter tips per pack

- Organic hemp

- King Size

- Made In Spain

Raw Organic is a product that is unique in its design with a crisscross pattern to differentiate it from other papers. There are no added dyes or bleach so the papers are 100% raw and natural. Each Raw Organic Connoisseur pack is held closed by a natural elastic band. Having papers and tips per pack makes it convenient as an on-the-go kit.

When you choose to use this superior product you are supporting the environment as there is nothing artificial about Raw Organic Connoisseur. These KS slim papers and tips have no added chalk or dyes and guarantee smoking pleasure.

Raw products all originate in a small town in Spain where the artisans have been producing this excellent product for generations. The gum used with all Raw papers is tapped from the Acacia tree in Ethiopia and Senegal. Raw Organic Connoisseur KS slim and tips are authentic and enjoyed by people from all over the world.