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RAW Door Sign

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RAW Door Sign

The RAW door sign is perfect for when your friends come around to enjoy a smoke session. It subtly emphasises the fun and laid back atmosphere of relaxing and smoking.

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- Dimensions: 20cm x 8cm

- Authentic RAW product

- Totally awesome!

On one side, it reads "Please do not disturb" - Smoke session in progress. This lets people know that it's time for conversation and relaxed vibes only. On the other side, there's also an invitation to partake in the next round with the words: "Smoke session finished" - Please bring snacks! With this sign on your door, you no longer need to worry about someone walking into a room full of smoke and getting uncomfortable!

Anyone who stops by knows exactly what kind of party awaits them, all fun and games that comes part and parcel with enjoying some herbal refreshments! Whether you're hosting a small gathering or planning something more elaborate, ensuring everyone knows where they stand is key for demanding respect among your peers so having RAW's stylishly designed door hanging could play a huge role!