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RAW Classic King Size with tips

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RAW Classic King Size with tips

RAW Classic King Size rolling papers with tips are the best way to enjoy your smoking experience. They provide an even more smooth and intense flavour, while being healthier than other leading brands of rolling papers.

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- 32 x Papers and filter tips per pack

- Organic hemp

- Classic

- Made in Spain

With RAW's uniquecriss-cross watermark, you can be sure that these papers will burn slowly and evenly every time making it easier for you to roll blunts quickly and efficiently. The filter tips also help reduce harshness in the smoke, so you can sit back and relax without getting a cough or throat irritations from too much heat or smoke.

RAW Classic King Size papers with tips are manufactured from natural unbleached fibres which are chemical free for that added peace of mind - ensuring a clean burn as you inhale! What makes RAW Classic King Size rolling papers special is the ultimate combination of performance, quality, convenience and affordability all rolled into one. There's nothing quite like sitting back with your friends on those cozy nights for a relaxing session made even smoother by RAWs' natural blend. So if you're looking for maximum enjoyment when smoking why not give RAW classic king size with tip filters a try? You won't regret it!