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RAW Automatic Rolling Box (70mm)

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RAW Automatic Rolling Box (70mm)

The RAW 70mm automatic rolling box is the ultimate in convenience for making rolled joints. It fits perfectly on just about any table and provides everything you need to make perfect and consistent smokes anytime, anywhere! With it's robust construction and simple to use design, the RAW automatic rolling box will allow you to roll your own without any hassle. It's easy operation makes it a must have accessory for anyone who enjoys smoking joints.

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- Size: 70mm wide

- Authentic RAW product

- Sold in a gift box

- Ideal for Single Wide or 1 1/4 size

After loading the roll box, simply close it and your joint is automaticay rolled - no more messing around trying to roll your own! The convenience also extends to clean up; once finished rolling it is very easy to clean up - just closing the lid.

Whether youre a novice smoker or an experienced pro looking for something slightly different than manually rolling your own - The RAW 70mm automatic rolling box is an absolute must have accessory! Get yours today and experience effortless rolling every single time!