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RAW Rolling Machine 70mm

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RAW Rolling Machine 70mm

The RAW 70mm rolling machine offers the perfect way to roll up the perfect joint every single time! This awesome machine from RAW is not only extremely convenient but also incredibly simple to use. The wide 70mm rolling surface provides plenty of room for adding your herb to make a perfectly rolled, highquality joint in no time at all.

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- Size: 70mm

- Authentic RAW product

- Ideal for Single Wide or 1 1/4 size

The RAW 70mm rolling machine will save you loads of time compared with rolling joints by hand. Some people may think that this takes away from some of the fun when making joints but there are countless advantages! It produces consistent quality and size every time which allows for better airflow while simultaneously helping preserve your herb that would otherwise be wasted due to inconsistent rolls made with hands alone. Also most importantly, these perfectly rolled joints won't crumble before they even get smoked since everything fits together like clockwork thanks to mechanical rolling!

Not only will you achieve maximum efficiency when using the RAW 70mm rolling machine, these products are renowned for their durability. With a lot of money saved on potentially wasted rolling papers as well as hours saved re-rolling unsatisfactory hand rolled attempts - investing in this RAW rolling machine is arguably one of best decisions anyone who loves their joints can make.