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Metal Grinder with Leaf Designs (3 piece)

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Metal Grinder with Leaf Designs (3 piece)

The metal grinder with a leaf design is attractive and robust. It is important to have a fine ground herb for better coverage and it heats quickly. Using a grinder saves time and is efficient and effective in maintaining the integrity of the bud. As you grind the herb is caught in the bottom chamber and there is no waste.

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- 3 piece grinder

- Diamond cut teeth

The design of this grinder is eye-catching, with a silver barrel and central leaf design with a smaller inlay of the leaf around the perimeter of the grinder. It is available in silver and green, black or blue. To prolong the lifespan of your grinder it is necessary to clean it thoroughly and this will preserve the integrity of the device.

This three-piece grinder is stylish and has a compartment to capture the ground herb and can be utilized as a safe place to keep the extra ground herb. There are holes in the grinding section that are convenient for the ground herb to be able to slip into the last chamber.

This effective and solid grinder has sharp teeth on both the upper and lower compartment and is able to grind the herb to a fine powder. The piece can be closed up to safely transport your herb whilst in the lower chamber.