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Missile Shape Metal Smoking Pipe

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Missile Shape Metal Smoking Pipe

Looking for the perfect addition to your smoking collection that turns heads and looks awesome? Then you’ll love this missile shape metal smoking pipe. This unique and stylish metal pipe makes a great conversation starter. Not only is it eye-catching but the metal construction ensures a much better smoke session too!

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- Length: 9cm

- Width: 1.6cm

- Random colour sent

As this pipe is made from metal, it evenly distributes the heat from the bowl so that every hit is the ideal temperature - which can result in an incredibly smooth smoking experience. Unlike silicone pipes where resins tend to accumulate over time and make cleaning difficult, this metal pipe is easier to clean - just rinse with water or use an alcohol solution after each use if necessary.

This missile shape metal smoking pipe provides a superior coolness factor when showing off at parties and gatherings, also it’s optimal design ensures enjoyable hits!