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Silicone Smoking Pipe with Keyring

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Silicone Smoking Pipe with Keyring

The silicone and glass smoking pipe on a keyring is an absolute must have accessory for all serious smokers. This high quality, durable pipe will provide you with one of the most enjoyable smoking experiences imaginable. The combination of it's sleek design, silky smooth silicone body, and crystal clear glass chamber makes it not only visually striking but also functional and convenient to use.

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- Keyring attached

- Glass cone piece

- Random design sent

This pipe is ideal for those who like to smoke while they are out and about, the compact size allows it to fit easily into your pocket or bag without taking up too much space. The built in keyring loop means you can keep this handy little device close at hand whenever you need it.

The silicone material also makes it safe to store in any pocket or purse without any risk of breakage or damage. This ensures complete peace of mind when using your powerful tool away from home. This top quality pipe produces intensely flavourful hits every single time due to its well designed glass cone which funnels heat evenly throughout the pipe so that the your herbs don't burn too quickly or unevenly. This beautifully crafted silicone and glass smoking pipe on a keyring is perfect for frequent travellers who want full control over their experience wherever they go - a true must have accessory!