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Saxophone Shape Smoking Pipe

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Saxophone Shape Smoking Pipe

The metal saxophone shape smoking pipe is the ultimate accessory for any smoker! This unique shaped pipe looks great with it's cool curves and smooth design that actually resembles a real saxophone and you can show it off to your friends with pride.

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- Length: 9.5cm

- Width: 2.2cm

- Pre-installed mesh screen

- Gift pack includes: 1 x metal smoking pipe, 1 x pack of silver screens

This isnt just an ornamental piece, it has some serious benefits too when it comes to smoking. Not only does the metal construction make sure that each hit tastes smooth and crisp but also provides more efficient cooling compared to silicone pipes which often dont provide enough insulation from heat. This means your hits will always be full of flavour without getting harsh.

The best part about this awesome pipe is that not only does it function well but also looks awesome too! No longer do you have to look around for fancy glass dry pipes, choose something sleek like this metal saxophone shape smoking pipe instead - it's strong construction makes handling easy while still looking good enough for your friends' admiration.

So why settle for anything less? Get your hands on one of these awesome pipes today and become the envy among all your friends!