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Cyclones 2-Pack Pre-Rolled Hemp Blunt Cone (Original)

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Cyclones 2-Pack Pre-Rolled Hemp Blunt Cone (Original)-1

Cyclone Hemp Original pre-rolled blunts will give you an incredibly natural and one of the best smoking experiences you can imagine. When you start to smoke this blunt the herbal blend is more intense at the start of the smoke and during the course of the multiple hits, it gets less and less.

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- 2 Pre-rolled blunt cones per pack

- Hemp - Tobacco free

- Size: 100mm

The natural flavour is very attractive and refreshing when filling the blunt with your herb, you can experience the full flavour of the herb and enjoy the aroma and taste of hemp - one of the oldest plants available. The strong short fibres ensure that the smoke is slow and smooth.

When the hemp cone is rolled the craftsmanship used is the same method that Torcedors use for hand-rolling cigars. With this unique way of smoking your herb, you will notice the even burn is because of the spiral wrap method. The burn moves circularly to ensure there is no paper left when the smoke is finished.