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Juicy Jays Hemp Wraps 2-Pack Tropical

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Juicy Jays Hemp Wraps 2-Pack Tropical

Juicy Jays hemp wraps Tropical is the perfect choice for smokers who crave a sweet and juicy smoking experience. These wraps are made from premium quality hemp and come in a tropical flavour that is a perfect blend of tangy pineapple and sweet mango. It's like taking a tropical vacation with every puff!

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- 2 hemp blunts per pack

- Hemp - Tobacco free

- Re-sealable bag for freshness

Using Juicy Jays hemp wraps Tropical is a breeze. Simply remove the wrap from it's packaging and place it on a flat surface. Add your blend to the centre of the wrap and roll it up, tucking in the edges as you go. Wet the edges with a bit of water and press them together to seal the wrap. Your smoking session just got a whole lot juicier.

With Juicy Jays hemp wraps Tropical, you can indulge in a tropical paradise right from the comfort of your own home. These wraps are not only delicious but also a lighter option as they are made from natural hemp and free from harmful chemicals and additives.
Whether you're smoking alone or with friends, Juicy Jays hemp wraps Tropical is an essential smoking accessory that will take your smoking game to the next level. The sweet tropical flavour will leave you wanting more and keep you coming back for another puff.
Don't wait any longer. Grab a pack of Juicy Jays hemp wraps Tropical today and get ready to be transported to a tropical paradise with every puff!