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Cyclones 2-Pack Xtra Slo Pre-Rolled Hemp Blunt Cone (Cane)

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Cyclones 2-Pack Xtra Slo Pre-Rolled Hemp Blunt Cone (Cane)

Introducing the Cyclones Hemp Pre-Rolled Blunt Cane flavour, the perfect companion for your smoking experience. These premium rolling papers are made from natural, raw hemp pulp and infused with a unique cane sugar flavour which tastes like a blend of sweet and creamy vanilla flavours, with hints of caramel and a touch of spice to create an incredibly smooth and satisfying smoke.

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- 2 Pre-rolled blunt cones per pack

- Hemp - Tobacco free

- Extra Slow burn

Unlike other rolling papers, these blunt wraps are free of any harsh chemicals or additives, making them a healthier and more enjoyable option when compared to other alternatives. The no glue line eliminates that annoyingsticky feeling you get when using other brands of papers.

These blunt cones are slightly thicker than most regular blunt wraps making it easier and faster to roll up your herbs. Thanks to their superior thickness, they last longer too so you can enjoy more time smoking without having to constantly reload your gear! If youre looking for a smoother and tastier alternative for your smoking sessions then look no further than Cyclones Hemp Pre-Rolled blunt in Cane flavour they will revolutionise the way you enjoy smoking! Not only do these pre rolled blunts ensure uniformity in size but also make it easier for anyone who wants to try out something new, ensuring an even burning draw every single time! The added bonus is that they taste great too just like sweet cane sugar.