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Small Colourful Glass Bong with Round Base

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The small colourful all glass bong with a round base is the perfect accessory for any smoker. Not only does it's simple design offer portability and convenience but it's practicality makes it an absolute must have for anyone looking to enjoy their smoke in a safe, effective and stylish manner.

Glass Stem and Cone

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- Height: 127mm

- Made from tough pyrex glass

- Combined glass stem and cone piece

- Random colour sent

- Comfortable mouthpiece

This bong is made from strong glass that will give you the ultimate smoking experience! The glass helps maintain smoother smoke quality while also allowing precise temperature control compared to plastic bongs – something which can make or break your smoking session!

This all glass bong features a beautifully vibrant colour scheme that gives off a unique look. This compact water pipe will surely turn heads by bringing vibrancy to wherever you take it. It's size makes it ideal if you want something easy to take with you anywhere you go, making it as portable as possible without sacrificing too much space while still being able to produce high quality hits every time.

If youre looking for an efficient yet stylish way to enjoy your herb than look no further than this amazing small all glass colourful glass bong with round base - guaranteed satisfaction!