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RAW Classic Tips

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RAW Classic Tips

Manufactured from long fibres the RAW tips are all 100% organic and environmentally friendly. With the perforated gummed tips are easy to use and are very popular with smokers around the world. Having the tip gummed stops the recoil and this is both innovative and convenient for smokers.

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- 50 tips per book

RAW tips are very popular as they are crafted in a meticulous manner using a Fourdrinier paper machine to get the correct size and shape. RAW tips are rolled to perfection to ensure that every smoke is enjoyed and that the tip keeps its shape and rigidity. RAW cuts the paper on the grain to ensure that they roll smoothly.

When you choose to use a RAW product you are choosing quality, the masters have passed down the traditional ways to make these tips to the next generation. The tips are strong and durable and hold up well in multiple smoking sessions.

There is a range of tips available from RAW, the wide perforated tips are for when you want to keep the burning tip further from your face. They are made by pressing the soft fibre papers together to ensure a smooth rolling experience. RAW have a seeded tip which is difficult to find because it is a limited range. RAW products are all 100% organic and environmentally friendly.