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RAW Glass Tip Round Mouthpiece

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RAW Glass Tip Round Mouthpiece

The RAW Glass tip with round mouthpiece is an essential accessory for anyone who enjoys smoking. This glass tip filter features a round mouthpiece and it's specifically designed to help ensure that you have an enjoyable experience every time you take a puff. The rounded mouthpiece helps reduce any harshness of the smoke and also provides better air flow than traditional straight filters.

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- 1 x Glass tip per pack

- Length: 35mm

- Diameter: 6mm

- Round mouthpiece

It's sleek design makes it convenient and easy to use as well as portable for those who want their tips on the go. The RAW Glass tip with round mouthpiece offers superior filtration, which allows you to savour the full flavour of your herbs while avoiding unwanted toxins in the process.

Additionally, the non-porous surface ensures that no matter how many times it's used, there will be no build up of residue inside which can clog up other types of filters over time. Whether you prefer a milder or stronger taste from your smoke sessions, using this glass tip filter means that each inhalation will be smooth yet flavourful without putting strain on your throat. All in all, if youre looking for an ideal way to enjoy healthier smoking sessions then look no further than the RAW Glass tip filter with round mouthpiece!