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Rainbow Plastic Grinder

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Rainbow Plastic Grinder

Bringing colour to your smoking experience, the 3 piece plastic grinder in rainbow colours is a must have accessory thatll let you make the most out of your herbs - this grinder will make sure that you get perfect grinds every time.

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- 3 piece grinder

- Storage compartment in the top piece

- Diameter: 56mm

With it's sharp teeth design, it can grind up even large chunks of weed with ease. The high grade plastic build ensures not only an attractive look but also long term durability and easy cleaning - just pop off the lid and reach in with your finger or brush to remove all debris.

Using a grinder offers numerous benefits when compared to cutting the weed with scissors or breaking it up by hand. Firstly, using a grinder keeps your hands clean and protected from cuts, as well as ensuring that no resin sticks onto them while working with sticky buds. Secondly, it provides an even finer cut than regular scissors which results in more efficient burning allowing you to extract more cannabinoids from each puff whilst conserving your herb at the same time – saving money in the long run!

Whether you're an experienced smoker looking for an upgrade yo your regular tools or simply searching for something bright and vibrant to bring some zest into your smoke session - why not grab yourself this awesome 3 piece plastic grinder in rainbow colours today? Spice up each session by adding pops of colours without compromising on performance - guaranteed satisfaction awaits!