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Large Plastic Grinder

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Large Plastic Grinder

The large plastic grinders are simple in their design and come in various colours. Popular colours are red, green, blue, white, yellow and black. They are in 3 pieces and are cost-effective as they are not as expensive as their metal or aluminium counterparts.

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Australia Post Express $24.95


- 3 piece grinder

- Storage compartment at the bottom

Using the large plastic grinder saves time and is effective and efficient in grinding herbs to a fluffy powder. One of the most advantageous benefits of the plastic grinder is that once the herb has been ground it provides a slower and smoother smoke. Many people like to use a grinder instead of their hands as the finer the grind the more potency is retained.

Large plastic grinders are compact and efficient. They have plastic teeth that grind the herb and this falls through to the bottom chamber which is tight enough to leave the powder in the compartment whilst being transported. Ensure that the grinder is totally cleaned after each use and this will maintain it and give it an extra lifespan.