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Plastic Grinder with Designs (3 piece)

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Plastic Grinder with Designs (3 piece)

Introducing the 3 piece plastic grinder with cartoon and other character designs, perfect for making your smoking experience even more fun! Not only does this grinder look amazing, but it is also highly functional. It is perfectly designed for grinding up your weed to make it ready to smoke.

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- 3 piece grinder

- Storage compartment in the top piece

- Random design dispatched

- Diameter: 56mm

This high quality stashable plastic grinder features sharp grinding teeth that can easily break down any type of dried herbs into a fine consistency. It comes in three pieces and the lid which also conveniently doubles as an airtight storage space until your herb is ready to use.

Using a quality plastic grinder has many benefits compared to cutting or breaking up by hand including producing finer herbs faster and more efficiently while avoiding mess. Also manual cutting techniques tend not provide a uniform grind size often resulting in varying sizes that can affect airflow when inhaling through rolling papers or vaporizers. Whether youre adding a hint of flair to your daily routine or just want something new yet practical enough that won't fill up much space - this 3 piece plastic grinder with awesome cartoon designs is definitely one accessory you will love having around! Featuring a sturdy construction and great functionality, these cool grinders will let you get creative with your choices!