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Ball Shape Plastic Grinder

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Ball Shape Plastic Grinder

The 2 piece plastic ball shape grinder with various designs is an absolute must have accessory for any smoker! With it's novelty design, this grinder not only looks great but it also prevents any mess or spills that can come from manually cutting up your weed with a scissors or breaking it up by hand.

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- 2 piece grinder

- Diameter: 30mm

- Random design dispatched

Using this grinder to prepare your cannabis makes it much easier to manage than trying to handle the small bits of broken up buds that come after using scissors or your hands. Rather than losing valuable herbs while you break it down, the 2 piece plastic ball shape grinder allows you to more accurately measure out exactly how much you need without spillage.

The pointed shaped teeth inside are designed specifically for grinding herb, so you get a perfectly even grind every time! You can adjust the size of your grind depending on what type of smoking/vaporizing device youre using as well - coarser ground bud works best in pipes or bongs whereas smaller pieces do better in vaporizers that deliver heat through conduction instead of convection.

Investing in a 2 piece plastic ball shape grinders with various designs is essential if you want an effortless way of grinding up your herb! Not only does it look great but it also helps ensure easy and efficient preparation each and every time.