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Darth Vader Metal Grinder

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Darth Vader Metal Grinder

The Darth Vader 3 piece metal shape grinder is the perfect accessory for any Star Wars fan who enjoys smoking. This grinder has an iconic Sith Lord style and a smooth black finish that make it look as sleek and powerful as it's namesake!

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- 3 piece grinder

- Storage compartment at the bottom

- Diameter: 6.4cm

- Height: 9cm

Not only does this grinder look awesome but it also provides one of the best grinding experiences out there. The three pieces allow for evenly ground herb thats ready to be rolled or used in bongs, vaporizers or pipes with ease.

Using a grinder offers numerous benefits compared to cutting your weed up by hand or using scissors. For starters, you get much more of an even grind which not only increases efficiency when packing joints or rolling blunts but also ensures better smoke quality since burning will be even throughout.

Say goodbye to those pesky pieces getting stuck in between your fingertips while breaking apart by hand! With this grinder everything is broken down consistently, resulting in quick and easy packing sessions without leaving behind unwanted residue around your fingers and under your nails afterwards! The Darth Vader 3 piece metal shape grinder really stands out from others!