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Bad Ass Rolling Papers 1 1/4

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Bad Ass Rolling Papers 1 1/4

Bad Ass rolling papers have benefits that are suited to most smokers' lifestyles. They are 100% natural with no added chemicals. The natural sugar gum line is strong and sticky which ensures that once rolled it will not open. The taste of these classic papers offers a smooth and clean experience where the paper does not take anything away from the taste of the herb.

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- 50 x Papers per pack

- NO tips included - rolling papers only

- 1 1/4 Size

Bad-Ass papers are the classic length of 1 ¼ which is the perfect rolling paper size, the length is the same as the single wide but is a little bit wider allowing for extra packing when rolling. Another feature that is loved by customers that choose to use Bad-Ass Papers is that they come with expressions printed on them. These are fun and provide a talking point which can make for a very cool smoking sesh with friends.

The story goes that some employees at Rollie's were shooting the breeze one night around a campfire. They started to argue and after several hours of debating which expressions would be most popular, they finally settled on eight. These are one of the key reasons that people find so attractive about the Bad-Ass 1¼ papers.