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Glass Beaker Bong and Grinder Gift Set

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Glass Beaker Bong and Grinder Gift Set

Having the perfect accessory to party can make all the difference. The glass bong and grinder gift set is an impressive combination of items that would be ideal for any celebration. It comes equipped with all you need to enjoy yourself in style: a glass beaker bong, spare glass stem, spare glass cone piece, grinder and king size rolling papers. All these items come together to create an unbeatable smoking experience - no matter where you are or what your occasion!

Glass Stem and Cone

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- Sold in a gift box

- Gift set includes: 1 x glass beaker bong (20cm), 1 x glass stem, 1 x glass cone piece, 1 x metal grinder, 1 x rolling papers (king size)

The included grinder helps makes grinding herbs smooth and convenient, while the king sized rolling papers provide easy access for joint rolling. Meanwhile, the included bong provides a great way to enjoy that smoke without having it turn harsh from too much being inhaled at once - the glass stem cools down each hit. With water inside the beaker chamber too, this kit ensures that every puff will taste good whilst also preserving it's potency!

Whether youre at home or out on the town celebrating, this fun yet functional gift set of tools is sure to help enhance any get together. This kit is so simple and easy to use that anyone can use it confidently right away - no learning curves necessary here! Enjoy laid back evenings like never before with this gift set, there's nothing quite like it anywhere else!