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Juicy Jays King Size Slim Flavoured Rolling Papers Liquorice

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Juicy Jays King Size Slim Flavoured Rolling Papers Liquorice

Liquorice is an acquired taste but once you like this strong sweet flavour you will want to smoke all your rollies with this Juicy Jay’s flavoured paper. The aroma when lifting the lid is of aniseed strong and sharp with a slight hint of green rooty fennel. Which is fresh and rejuvenating - it is an indulgent flavour that is heady and is absorbed and enjoyed as the rollie is lit and smoked.

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- 32 x Papers per pack

- Size: 110mm

- King Size

- Made in Spain

Juicy Jay’s Liquorice king size slim is a taste sensation that has hints of woodiness and a sweetness that can be overwhelming for some as it has edges of saltiness which is not a regular sweet taste. The liquorice flavour will remain on your lips for some time after the rollie is finished. The papers are triple-dipped to ensure the flavour remains till the last puff.

Juicy Jay’s are 100% organic made in Spain from the sustainable hemp plant. This is a natural and fast-growing plant that has been used for rolling papers for many years. The flavours are imprinted on each piece of paper in soy ink which helps to prevent runs and gives the roll-up a slow smooth burn. Rolling is a craft that when mastered meets all your unique needs.