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Metal Grinder with Insects

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Metal Grinder with Insects

The 3 piece metal grinder with spiders and bugs in the top lid is an absolute must have for anyone who enjoys smoking. Not only does it look amazing but it also makes preparing your herbs a breeze!

Australia Post Standard $8.95

Australia Post Express $24.95


- 3 piece grinder

- Storage compartment at the bottom

- Diameter: 50mm

- Random design dispatched

Using a grinder to chop up buds instead of using scissors or breaking them apart by hand has many distinct benefits. First and foremost, when you grind using a grinder, the blades are angled just right to easily break down your buds into evenly distributed pieces. This means that each hit will be packed for maximum potency in every puff. Grinding your herb helps to keep things tidier than chopping them manually would - no more sticky bits stuck everywhere after youre finished prepping your joints!

If you want an easy way to prepare your bud quickly while making sure nothing gets wasted then picking up one of these 3 piece metal grinders adorned with spiders and insects will be a good investment! It's a truly awesome addition to any smoker's collection!