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Poison Barrel Metal Grinder

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Poison Barrel Metal Grinder

The 3 piece poison barrel shape metal grinder is an absolute must have for anyone looking to optimise their smoking experience. This unique novelty grinder offers superior performance and reliability.

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- 3 piece grinder

- Storage compartment at the bottom

- Height: 6.2cm

- Diameter: 4.4cm

- Random colour dispatched (blue, green, black and red)

This grinder features a unique 3 piece design that makes grinding easier and quicker than ever before. The tough exterior gives you confidence that its built to last, while it's diamond cut teeth shred through even the toughest buds in mere seconds. The result is perfectly ground herb ready for rolling or packing into a pipe with minimal effort.

Using a grinder has numerous benefits over using a scissors or breaking up by hand. With a grinder, you get consistent results everytime - this means no more differences in how thick or finely the piece are depending on who was doing the cutting!

If you want an easy yet effective way to grind then look no further than the poison barrel shaped metal grinder - it's robust design combined with it's professionally crafted teeth make it one of the best accessories out there.