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Vanilla Coke Soda Stash Can

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The ultimate solution for discreetly stashing your possessions - the 355ml Vanilla Coke soda stash can! This ingeniously designed can looks and feels just like a regular drink but on closer inspection, it reveals a hidden compartment that is perfect for concealing your precious and valuable items.

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- Made from a real metal can

- Similar weight to a full drink can

- Weight: 307g

- Top part unscrews to expose hidden compartment

Not only does this stash can effectively hide your belongings from prying eyes but it also ensures their safety by blending in seamlessly. No one would ever suspect that your Vanilla Coke contains anything other than it's delicious soda goodness!

Lightweight and compact, this stash can is perfect for on the go use and you can easily bring along your important items without drawing any unwanted attention. Say goodbye to obvious hiding spots and hello to the 355ml Vanilla Coke soda stash can - the must have tool for keeping your belongings secure!