Top Must-Have Accessories from My Bong Shop to Elevate Your Smoking Experience
The perfect smoking experience is about more than just the bong itself. It's also about the accessories that enhance your bong sessions and make them more enjoyable. Below is a list of the top must-have accessories that every smoker should consider.


1. Metal Pipes: The Trusty Companion for Every Smoker Over 18 Years of Age

Every smoker needs a reliable pipe, and our metal pipes are just that. They are designed to be sturdy, portable and versatile, making them perfect for any smoking occasion.

Durability: Built to Last

One of the key benefits of our metal pipes is their durability. They are made from high-quality metal that is resistant to heat and impact. This means they can withstand the rigours of regular use without breaking or deforming, unlike a glass pipe. Whether you're a casual smoker or a daily user, our metal pipes are built to last, making them a reliable companion for any occasion.

Portability: Smoke Anywhere, Anytime

Our metal pipes are small and lightweight so that they are perfect for on-the-go smoking sessions. They can easily fit in your pocket or bag, allowing you to bring them with you wherever you go. Whether you're heading to a friend's house, going on a trip, or just stepping outside for a quick smoke, our silicone metal pipes are always ready to go.

Variety: A Perfect Fit for Everyone

We understand that every smoker has different preferences when it comes to their smoking gear. That's why we offer our metal pipes in various sizes. Whether you prefer a compact pipe for discreet use or a larger one for a more substantial hit, there's a perfect fit for you in our collection.

Easy to Use and Clean

Our metal pipes are designed to be user-friendly. They are easy to use, even for beginners. Plus, they are easy to clean, ensuring that you can maintain the quality of your smoke. Simply disassemble the pipe, clean each part, and it's ready to use again.


2. Jet Lighters: Ignite with Precision for an Enhanced Smoking Experience

A good lighter is a must-have for any smoker. Our jet lighters are designed with the needs of smokers in mind, offering a windproof design and precision flame control for a professional and hassle-free smoking experience.

Windproof: Light Up in Any Condition

One of the key features of our jet lighters is their windproof design. Traditional lighters often struggle in windy conditions, making it difficult to light up your herb. Our jet lighters, however, are designed to withstand windy conditions, providing a steady and reliable flame no matter the weather. This means you can enjoy a hassle-free smoking experience, whether you're at the beach, on a hiking trail, or just outside on a windy day.

Precision: Focus the Flame Where You Need It

Our jet lighters are designed for precision. They focus the flame on your herb, not your thumb or hair, ensuring a safe and efficient lighting experience. This precise flame control not only makes the lighting process easier but also helps conserve your herb by preventing unnecessary burning.

Professional Experience: Enhance Your Smoking Sessions

Our jet lighters provide a professional smoking experience that you'll appreciate. The powerful flame heats your herb evenly, ensuring optimal flavour and smoke production. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or a beginner, our jet lighters can enhance your smoking sessions, making them more enjoyable and satisfying.

Durable and Reliable

Made with high-quality materials, our jet lighters are built to last. They are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring reliable performance for years to come. Plus, they are easy to refill, saving you the cost and hassle of constantly buying disposable lighters.


3. Satchel Bags: Keep Your Stash Fresh and Potent

Proper storage is key to maintaining the quality of your herb. Our satchel bags are designed with this in mind, offering a solution that keeps your stash fresh, potent, and ready for use.

Freshness: Preserve the Quality of Your Herb

Our satchel bags are designed to keep your stash fresh and potent. They provide a sealed environment that protects your herb from exposure to air, moisture, and light, all of which can degrade its quality over time. This means that whether you're storing your herb for a few days or a few weeks, you can be confident that it will remain as fresh and potent as the day you bought it.

Eco-friendly: A Reusable Solution for Herb Storage

In addition to preserving the quality of your herb, our satchel bags are also eco-friendly. They are made from durable materials that can withstand repeated use, making them a reusable solution for herb storage. This not only reduces waste but also saves you the cost of buying disposable storage bags.

Cost-effective: Save Money without Compromising Quality

Our satchel bags are a cost-effective solution for preserving your herb's quality. They are priced affordably, making them accessible to smokers on any budget. Plus, because they are reusable, they offer long-term savings compared to disposable storage options. With our satchel bags, you can save money without compromising the quality of your herb.

Versatile and Portable

Our satchel bags are versatile and portable, making them ideal for both home storage and on-the-go use. They are compact and lightweight, so you can easily slip them into your pocket or bag when you're on the move. They’re also available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different amounts of herb.

4. Scales: Measure with Accuracy for a Better Smoking Experience

Our highly sensitive and accurate scales are an essential tool for any serious smoker. They provide a level of precision that ensures a fair division every time, allowing you to enjoy your sessions in peace whether you are dividing quantities for acrylic bongs, blunts, vapes, hookahs, bubblers or pipes.

Accuracy: Precision Weighing for Optimal Use

Our scales can weigh up to 300g of herb with a precision of up to 0.01g. This level of accuracy is crucial for ensuring that you're using the right amount of herb for each session. Whether you're preparing a personal roll or sharing with friends, our scales allow you to measure the exact amount you need. This not only enhances your smoking experience but also helps you manage your herb supply more effectively.

Fair Division: Share with Confidence

Sharing a smoke with friends is a common practice among smokers. However, ensuring a fair division can sometimes be a challenge. With our scales, you can ensure a fair division every time. By measuring the exact amount of herb for each roll, everyone gets an equal share. This fosters a sense of camaraderie and fairness during shared smoking sessions.

Avoid Disputes: Enjoy Your Sessions in Peace

Disputes over division can disrupt the relaxed atmosphere of a smoking session. Our scales help you avoid such disputes by providing accurate measurements. When everyone can see that the herb has been divided fairly, there's no room for disagreement. This allows you to enjoy your sessions in peace, focusing on the experience rather than worrying about the division.

Easy to Use and Reliable

Our scales are designed to be user-friendly. They feature a clear, easy-to-read display and simple controls, making them easy to use even for beginners. Plus, they are built to last, providing reliable measurements for years to come.


5. Glass Pipes: Add a Touch of Style to Your Smoking Sessions

For those who prefer a more stylish smoking device, our glass pipes are the perfect choice for the ultimate dry herb smoking pleasure. They are more than just a tool for smoking; they are a statement of your personal style.

Stylish and Unique Designs

Our glass pipes come in a variety of quirky and colourful designs, adding a touch of personality to your smoking sessions. Each pipe is a work of art, featuring intricate patterns and vibrant colours that make each piece unique. Whether you prefer a classic design or something more avant-garde, you're sure to find glass pipes, dab rigs and glass stems that reflect your personal style.

High-Quality Material

Despite their delicate appearance, our glass pipes are incredibly durable. They are made from high-quality glass that can withstand the heat of smoking without cracking or breaking. This means you can enjoy your smoking sessions without worrying about damaging your pipe.

Smooth Smoking Experience

Glass pipes are known for providing a smooth smoking experience. The glass does not react with the smoke, ensuring that you get the pure flavour of your herb. This makes glass pipes a favourite among smokers who value the taste of their herb.

Easy to Clean

Our glass pipes and glass adapters are easy to clean, which is essential for maintaining the quality of your smoking experience. Residue from previous sessions can alter the taste of your herb, but with our glass pipes, you can easily clean them after each use to ensure a clean water chamber and filtration for a fresh taste every time.

Ready for Action at All Times

Our glass pipes are always ready for action. They are easy to use and require no setup – simply pack your herb into the glass bowl, light it up, and enjoy your smoke. This makes them a convenient choice for smokers who value simplicity and ease of use.


6. Rolling Trays: Keep Your Space Clean

No matter what your ideal joint size is, our purpose-designed rolling trays are an essential accessory for any smoker and one of our bestsellers. They are meticulously crafted to keep your rolling area clean and organised, enhancing your overall smoking experience. Available in two different sizes, they cater to a variety of rolling needs, whether you're rolling a small personal joint or a larger one for sharing.

Clean and Organised Rolling Area

One of the primary benefits of our rolling trays is that they help keep your rolling area clean and organised. They have raised edges that prevent spillage, ensuring that your herb stays on the tray and doesn't scatter around. This not only makes the rolling process cleaner but also more efficient, as you won't be wasting any herb.

Ample Space for All Your Rolling Needs

Our rolling trays are available in two different sizes, providing ample space for all your rolling needs. The smaller size is perfect for personal use, while the larger size is ideal for group sessions or for smokers who prefer larger rolls. Regardless of your rolling habits, our trays provide enough space to comfortably prepare your herb.

Mind-Bending Graphics and Designs

But our rolling trays aren't just about functionality – they also add a fun element to your sessions. Each tray features mind-bending graphics and designs that are sure to catch the eye. Whether you're smoking alone or with friends, these designs add a touch of creativity and personality to your session.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Made with high-quality materials, our rolling trays are designed to last and are perfect when matched with your preferred rolling papers. They are resistant to bending and breaking, ensuring that they can withstand regular use. This durability makes them a cost-effective choice, as you won't need to replace them frequently.

7. Electronic Lighters: Experience the Future of Lighting

Our touch-activated electronic lighters are a high-tech addition to your smoking accessories wishlist collection. With their sleek design and advanced technology, they provide a perfect hit every time, making them a classy and practical choice for any smoker.

High-tech: Perfect Hit Every Time

Our electronic lighters are equipped with advanced technology that ensures a perfect hit every time. Unlike traditional lighters, they don't rely on fuel or flame. Instead, they use an electric arc that is windproof and can light your herb evenly and efficiently. This high-tech feature not only enhances your smoking experience but also makes the lighter more durable and long-lasting.

Classy: A Stylish Addition to Your Collection

Our electronic lighters are not just functional; they are also incredibly stylish. With their sleek design and elegant finish, they add a touch of class to your smoking accessories collection. Whether you're using it at home or showing it off to your friends during a smoking session, our electronic lighter is sure to impress.

Practical: Easy to Use and Rechargeable

Practicality is at the heart of our electronic lighters. They are touch-activated, making them easy to use even with one hand. Plus, they are rechargeable, saving you the cost and hassle of constantly buying lighter fluid or disposable lighters. Simply plug it into a USB port to recharge, and it's ready to use again. This makes our electronic lighters a practical and eco-friendly choice for any smoker.


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