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Army Shape Metal Grinder

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Army Shape Metal Grinder

The 3 piece hand grenade shape metal grinder is simply the best when it comes to grinding up your herbs, whether youre preparing them for smoking or vaping. This grinder packs a punch in both style and function as it easily grinds your herb into a finer consistency that will give you an even burn without leaving any chunks behind.

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- 3 piece grinder

- Storage compartment at the bottom

- Diameter: 5.3cm

- Height: 8.8cm

Not only does this metal grinder look amazing with it's hand grenade shape design but its also super easy to use due to it's strong construction made from alloy metal, this grinder wont break down or become dull over time like many others can.

Grinders are a much better option than cutting up your herb by hand or using scissors because they ensure a more even grind which allows for maximum absorption when smoked or vaped. Having control over how finely ground up your herb gets makes all the difference in terms of potency and flavour.

Get yourself a 3 piece hand grenade shaped metal grinder today! Not only will you harvest every bit packed in those juicy buds but you'll also impress your smoking buddies with it's awesome silhouette!