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Cogwheel Shape Metal Grinder

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Cogwheel Shape Metal Grinder

The 3 piece cogwheel shape metal grinder is a must have accessory for any smoking enthusiast! This grinder is designed to grind some of the best herb available, making your smoking experience more enjoyable than ever before.

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- 3 piece grinder

- Diameter: 5.6cm

- Storage compartment at the bottom

It’s unique design provides a consistently even grind every time, ensuring that all of your nugs are evenly ground each and every time. Unlike other methods such as scissors or fingers, using this grinder ensures you get the most optimal and consistent results when grinding your herb into smaller pieces for smoking. The cog shaped grip ensures excellent grinding action with minimum effort!

Not only does this grinder ensure precision in terms of an even cut but also convenience as it takes less time overall when compared to breaking up herbs by hand. All in all, this must have grinder makes taking care of your much needed herb preparation easier than ever before!