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Cyclones Clear Pre Rolled Cone Grape

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Cyclones Clear Pre Rolled Cone Grape

Grape flavoured Cyclones clear is a flavour that is familiar and favoured by many smokers. The flavour is juicy and crisp like a fresh chilled morning breeze. The soft citrusy aroma paints the picture of vineyards on sloping hills in the country, a buzz with insects around full-bodied heavy hanging bunches of grapes. The vines beckon a walk between the rows plucking grapes to taste along the route.

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- 1 x Pre rolled cone per tube

- Re-sealable tube for freshness

- Length: 110mm

- Pre roached

Cyclones clear pre-rolled cones are made from water, glycerine and cellulose that is made from the cotton plant. These quality cones are organic and 100% biodegradable, they are packaged in a reusable tube that seals in the flavour. When you want to fill the cone with your favourite blend of herbs a packing stick is provided to make the rolling easier.

When choosing to use a pre-rolled cone the way it is rolled is to enable you to smoke more blend at the start and to have a consistently smooth and even smoke with the flavour as strong from the first puff to the last. When you have filled the cone, crimp the ends and roll it between your fingers to close off the top of the cone ready to be lit and enjoyed.