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Cyclones Clear Pre Rolled Cone Peach

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Cyclones Clear Pre Rolled Cone Peach

The aroma of peach is sweet and a little sour, this is followed by a taste of floral sweetness that is complimented by the sour tones. The peach taste and scent are summery, juicy and delicious. When you open a Cyclones clear peach flavoured pre-rolled cone you are inviting a trip to a summer paradise.

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- 1 x Pre rolled cone per tube

- Re-sealable tube for freshness

- Length: 110mm

- Pre roached

The pre-rolled Cyclones clear is available in a tube that is reusable and also can be used to snuff out a lit cone if need be. These tubes seal in the flavour which is designed to be experienced throughout the smoke. From the first puff to the last the flavour is consistent and compliments the herbs that you are smoking. Use the accompanying packing stick to fill the cone and then twist off the top ready to be smoked.

Made from glycerine, water and natural cellulose that is derived from cotton making this pre-rolled cone is 100% biodegradable. The transparent cone is very attractive to smoke as you can see the herb inside. The Cyclones clear pre-rolled cones offer a very smooth and even smoking experience. These superior high-quality cones are suited to slow burning herbs to fully enjoy.