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Cyclones Clear Pre Rolled Cone Rock Star

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Cyclones Clear Pre Rolled Cone Rock Star

Cola is what the Cyclones clear Rock Star flavour tastes and smells like. As soon as you open the tube the unmistakable aroma of caramel and citrus escapes to envelop you in a cola-scented mist. Cola is a taste that is familiar to many and loved by all, the taste is tart and sticky and sweet with tones of underlying lemon, orange and even coriander.

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- 1 x Pre rolled cone per tube

- Re-sealable tube for freshness

- Length: 110mm

- Pre roached

Cyclones clear pre-rolled come with a packing stick and a crush-proof reusable tube that seals in the flavour. They are designed to have more blend smoked at the outset and that each puff from start to finish is consistently flavoursome. You can use the tube to snuff out a lit cone if need be and to safely transport it with you to be able to enjoy your pre-roll at any time of the day or night.

100% natural and made from water, glycerine and cellulose that is derived from the cotton plant. It is great to smoke and as the cone is see though it lets you observe your herb as you smoke it. These pre-rolled cones suit slow-burning herbs. The cones are eco-friendly and biodegradable and are a very high-quality product.