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Cyclones Clear Pre Rolled Cone Tiki Tango

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Cyclones Clear Pre Rolled Cone Tiki Tango

The fresh exotic aroma of coconut escapes the Cyclones clear tube the moment it is opened. There is an immediate memory of islands in the sun and the lapping waves against the sandy shore. Cocktails at the beach bar enjoying your Cyclone clear with the sweet nutty flavour of Tiki Tango lingering long after the cone is finished with the scent of island life wafting in the air.

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- 1 x Pre rolled cone per tube

- Re-sealable tube for freshness

- Length: 110mm

- Pre roached

The tube that the Cyclone clear is packed into is multi-functional, it is crush-proof and provides an easy and convenient way to transport the pre-rolled cone. It also acts as a snuffer to put out a lit cone if need be and the last advantage is that it seals in the flavour. The pre-rolled cone is completely see through which is the attraction as you can watch the herb as you smoke.

Being 100% biodegradable the Cyclones clear tiki tango flavoured pre-rolled cone is a healthier option as it is organic and has no added additives. These cones are especially suited to slow-burning herbs. They burn slowly and evenly and the blend is stronger at the start but due to the even distribution of herbs the flavour is consistent and the last puff is as great as the first.