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Cyclones Clear Pre Rolled Cone White Chocolate

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Cyclones Clear Pre Rolled Cone White Chocolate

Cyclones clear is said to be healthier than most other brands. The clear cone is packed in a tube for easy transport and a packing tool makes filling the cone easy and convenient. There is also a paper tip that is added to each cone and the beauty is that they are also fully biodegradable. The transparent cones are durable and the flavour is strong and alluring.

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- 1 x Pre rolled cone per tube

- Re-sealable tube for freshness

- Length: 110mm

- Pre roached

The material is slow-burning and will not tear or crease, these cones are suited to slow-burning herbs and give an even and smooth burn. There are no added additives to the Cyclones clear - nothing inhibits the sweet silky smooth flavour of white chocolate from being enjoyed. The delicious aroma of sweet vanilla is a firm favourite when it comes to finding a flavour to enjoy all day.

Cellulose which is extracted from the cotton plant and then added to water and glycerine is how the Cyclones clear pre-rolled cones are made. This is not plastic based, it is cellulose which makes these cones 100% plant-based, ultra-thin and transparent. They provide a smooth burn which brings out the flavour of the herbs and is a very satisfying smoking experience.