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Drink Can Metal Grinder

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Drink Can Metal Grinder

The 3 piece drink can metal grinder is a must have for any anyone looking to get the most out of your herb. As the name suggests, this novely grinder looks like a beer or soda can and can be used to grind up your herb with ease. Grinding your weed will not only ensure that it lights more easily when rolled into joints but also make sure you experience the full flavour and effect.

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- Dimensions: 6cm (height) x 3.2cm (wide)

- Storage compartment at the bottom

- 3 piece grinder

Using a metal grinder provides numerous advantages over breaking up your bud by hand or using scissors - not least because it ensures an even consistency.

This grinder is designed from a high quality stainless steel for maximum durability so it will last long enough if taken care of properly! This grinder comes in three pieces consisting of a lid connected to two compartments: one containing sharp blades that quickly reduce bulky buds into fine shreds ready for rolling or vaping, while the other compartment stores those freshly ground bits until ready for use.

Those who don't already own a drink can metal grinder should seriously consider investing in this beer/soda can shaped metal grinder as soon as possible! Not only do these grinders produce perfect results at an affordable price but also offer great convenience and efficiency - allowing you to spend less time prepping and more time enjoying your smoke session!