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Fanta Soda Stash Can

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Introducing the ultimate hiding spot for your most precious and valuable items - the 355ml Fanta soda stash can. This ingenious stash can offers a discreet and secure storage option.

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- Made from a real metal can

- Similar weight to a full drink can

- Weight: 307g

- Top part unscrews to expose hidden compartment

With a capacity of 355ml, this stash can is the perfect size. It's inconspicuous appearance makes it virtually undetectable among other drink cans, making it an ideal hiding spot for those looking to keep their belongings safe from prying eyes.

Made from a real Fanta can, this stash can is built to last and ensures that your valuables are protected at all times. It's seamless design mimics that of a real soft drink can, complete with authentic labeling and design details. So next time you reach for a refreshing Fanta, remember that you're not just indulging in a delicious drink - you're also keeping your treasured possessions safe and sound. Don't wait any longer, get your hands on the Fanta soda stash can now!