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Juicy Jays Thai Incense Sticks Lychee

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Juicy Jays Thai Incense Sticks Lychee

Juicy Jays Thai Incense sticks Lychee flavour is a delightful and aromatic way to fill your home or office with a lovely scent. The tantalising aroma of lychee fills the air and quickly spreads around each room, providing an inviting atmosphere for visitors or simply helping you relax after a long day.

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- 20 Incense sticks per pack

- Made in Thailand

Each stick is made from pure incense oils sourced directly from Thailand, ensuring high quality ingredients for maximum fragrant pleasure. The rich and exotic fragrance brings alive any room, creating an ambience that can be enjoyed night or day. The Juicy Jays brand is renowned for it's superior quality and attention to detail when it comes to their range of products.

All of their Thai Incense Sticks are delicately hand crafted using natural herbs. This ensures that each incense stick provides you with only the best aromas at all times. Furthermore, Juicy Jays take pride in creating eco-friendly products where no inferior materials such as synthetic fragrances and waxes are used. For those looking for a luxurious yet affordable scent option then Juicy Jays Lychee is the way to go!