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Large Storage Jar

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Large Storage Jar

This large size storage jar is an absolute must have accessory for anyone who smokes. It's sleek, modern design not only looks amazing but also makes it easy to store, organize and manage your collection. The airtight lid ensures that no smell or moisture escapes so you can be sure your stash will remain fresh for longer periods of time. The wide mouth of the jar allows for easy access when needed and it's generous size means you can store plenty in one location.

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- Height: 7.2cm

- Width: 6.5cm

- Random design sent

The thick glass walls are designed to protect the contents from any breakage or light oxidation due to environmental conditions and keep them dry, safe and odourless while stored away until it's ready to be used again.

Overall this large size storage jar is the perfect choice for anyone who needs reliable storage options that combine both good looks with great quality at the same time! With it's attractive design and excellent features, this jar offers great value making it an essential accessory for anyone who smokes regularly!