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Metal Grinder with Rasta Man Design

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Metal Grinder with Rasta Man Design

If you want to get the most out of your herbs, then you need to experience the perfect grind from this 3 piece metal grinder with the Rasta Man design. This sharp and easy to use grinder is an absolute must have for anyone looking for an optimal result. Not only does it look awesome but it's sleek construction gives it impressive durability.

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- 3 piece grinder

- Diamond cut teeth

- Storage compartment at the bottom

- Plastic hand grip

- Diameter: 50mm

You won't find yourself struggling to break up those dense chunks anymore - just give them a couple of passes through this grinder and watch as they turn into perfectly milled powdery goodness in no time at all.

Grinding instead of cutting or breaking by hand offers multiple advantages such as more flavour retention, meaning better tasting sessions and improved combustion resulting in longer lasting bowls and less waste overall.

The fine mesh sifting screen helps capture pollen that can be collected separately adding even more value when using this 3 piece metal grinder with Rasta Man design.