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Metal Grinder with TV Star Designs (4 piece)

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Metal Grinder with TV Star Designs (4 piece)

These metal grinders with TV star designs are some of the most popular and fun grinders to own. They are conversation starters with Bart Simpson, Homer Simpson, Scooby-Doo and Rick all gracing the lids of these compact and durable grinders. It is important to make sure that after each use they are correctly cleaned and if using liquid ensure that the grinder is completely and thoroughly dried before the next use.

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- 4 piece grinder

- Diamond cut teeth

- Diameter: 63mm

- Magnetic lid

- Storage compartment at the bottom

Choosing to use a grinder in favour of hand grinding saves time and gets a finer and more even grind from the herb. When the grinder is used the potency is kept intact and the smoke is slower and smoother. The taste is richer and more intense when using a herb that has been ground with a metal grinder.

Made from zinc the 4 pieces comprise the lid which fits on the top compartment and holds the blades that are sharp and effective in breaking the herb up into smaller pieces and powder which falls down into the second chamber and finally small fine pollen will collect in the small bottom compartment. This can be kept here until needed safe in the chamber.